Airship over the Titisee Black Forest Germany.

Airship over Titisee Black Forest. Collectible postcard. Early Aviator Zeppelin post.

Titisee Black Forest

Titisee in the Black Forest. Old Postcard with Zeppelin airship to 1910.

Lake Titisee is a lake in the southern Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg. It covers an area of ​​1.3 km ² and is on average 20 meters deep. About the origin of the name, there are several theories: After the Roman general Titus is said to have stored around the Titisee. Here, the lake it seems to have so much that he gave him his name. According to another theory, a Mr. Titini to the 12th Century have hunted in the area around the lake. Also, the arum, formerly known in the region as Tittele, comes as a name in question, even if it does not happen again at Titisee today. According to an ancient tradition, the Titisee is on the location of a lost city in the floods, which was closed for punishment for its inhabitants bread sacrilege committed. They hollowed out bread loaves in order to abuse them as shoes. In the nutrient-poor Titisee to large predatory fish (pike, lake trout and a large stock of pike), schooling fish (whitefish, roach and perch) and carp, chub and tench found in shallow areas. This biodiversity is complemented by brown trout, brook trout and rainbow trout in the estuary areas of streams and by eel and burbot on the ground.