Antique chocolate box with old varieties of chocolates, Germany 1930s

Vintage, Antique German Chocolate Box, Alpengold, Stollwerk Brand Cologne, old varieties of chocolates, Packaging and Graphics design

Antique chocolate box Illustration

Antique chocolate box with old varieties of chocolates, Germany 1930s

Packaging of an old box of chocolates, produced by Gebrüder Stollwerk A.G., Köln, Alpengold chocolate (Stollwerk Brother`s, Alpine Gold Cologne Germany).
The packaging, graphic illustration and packaging of this chocolate box dates back to the years around 1930.
Stollwerk brothers were a leader in the mass production of sweets at that time.
The packaging has the brand Stollwerk, Alpine gold. The European Alps mountain ranges associated with a whole world. Even then experienced a tourist boom of the Alps. The box is decorated with rare mountain flowers as edelweiss, alpine gentian, or the now rare rhododendron. The whole is framed by a stylized mountains with a mountain hut in the center. As the chocolate milk was used as an ingredient here alluded in particular to the highly nutritious milk of cows in the pastures.
They feed thrive in the short summer months, from the most nutritious grass high on the slopes of the mountains. In principle, an associative advertising strategy of the early consumer society.

Content chocolats: Lemon rum, brandy truffles, red bean, Grillage, orange marzipan, marzipan fruits, chocolate, fruit shell. Caramel, marzipan, orange cream, orange paste, cherry and almond.