Bravilor Bonomat mondo 2, Super electronic.

Bravilor Bonomat, Industrial, coffee, machine, mondo 2, Super electronic, Industrial, design

Bravilor Bonomat, mondo 2, Super electronic.

Industrial coffee machine Bravilor Bonomat mondo 2, Super electronic.

The specialty of this coffee machine, which automatically adjusts the temperature of the contents of the coffee pot.

Version with 1 brewing system and 2 hot plates
Coffee and tea brewing machines equipped with decalcification, acoustic signal in brewing, water inlet opening of the Front, stainless steel water heater and Boil dry.
Number of brewing systems: 1
Number of hot plates: 2
Buffer stock: 2 cans (24 cups)
Brewing time: about 5 minutes per pot
Hourly output: 18 liters (144 cups)
Power 230V ~ 50/60Hz: 2140W
Dimensions (WxDxH): 195x406x446 mm