Vintage Can opener Sieger D.R.P. Antique German Brand Made in Solingen Germany. German Army WW2 Equipment, Deutsche Wehrmacht.

Can opener Sieger, Columbus, Eminent, Royal.

Can opener Sieger, Columbus, Eminent, Royal.

Small collection of Can opener from different manufacturers.

Some are original Sieger, used by the german army during the world war 2. The others are Columbus, Eminent and Royal can opener. All made in Germany in the years from 1920 to 1990s. As you can see all the models shown in the form almost identical to the original model of the Sieger can opener.

The can opener on the left pictured the original Sieger from around 1920s. He is without a bottle opener. The handle in one piece. The bottle opener on the far right, Sieger, is added to the handle. The second from the right does not have a bottle opener feature and looks like the original model.

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