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Glaced Greece Tiles

Glaced Greece Tile. Flowers Motiv. Ornamental Wall and floor tiles. Greek souvenir

Glaced Greece Tile

Glaced Greece Tiles.

Souvenirs from Greece. Glazed and painted tiles. 70s design. Different motives. Windmills, flowers and blossoms. Floral ornament, Knossos, fonts.

Cooking knives, Solingen Germany

Antique Cooking knives, Solingen Germany.

Cooking knives, Solingen Germany.

Antique Cooking knives, Solingen Germany.

Bunch of beautiful old types cooking knives.
The figure shows different forms of cooking knives from different eras of the 20th century.
The left blade is from the 1970s. Labeled with “Frauenlob”. The second knife from the left belongs to the 1960’s. The third from left was forged in the 1950s. This fourth from left, is a butcher knife from the 1940s. The knife first from right belongs to the beginning of 1900 or before and is hand-forged.