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Modern Asparagus peeler by WMF Tischfein

Modern Asparagus peeler by brand WMF Tischfein. Peeler Design.

Asparagus peeler WMF Tischfein

Modern Asparagus peeler by WMF Tischfein.

Commercially available asparagus peeler brand of WMF Tischfein, Germany. As a right-handed you hold the asparagus in the left hand with the thumb and forefinger while the stem end of the asparagus resting on the forearm. It is peeled from the top down, starting at the lower end of the asparagus head where it merges into the stem. Here, the entire asparagus is slowly rotated. For left-handers this asparagus peeler is also suitable, since the blade is rotatable. The plastic handle and blade is suitable for dishwashers.

Used Injection Syringe and needles. Injections by drug users.

Used Injection Syringe. Injections by drug users.

Brief History. These injections I found on a children’s playground in Berlin Neukölln, Zeitzerstrasse corner Saalestrasse. Neukölln was in his late 90s now go area. Everything was very neglected. Who could have moved away. Back remained that could not get away.