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Natural stone sculptures. Artefacts figurines.

Natural stone sculptures. Artifacts figurines. Porcelain figurine statue

Artifacts figurines

Natural stone sculptures with porcelain torso. Artifacts figurines.

Sculpture angel with wings.

Angel with wings. Sculpture

Angel with wings

Sculpture angel with wings. Sculpture made ​​of wood.

Free interpretation of an angel with wings.

Natural design – Petrification

Fossils,  Natural Design, Petrification, Bones



Bones – Fossils. Found in a tributary of the Danube near Ulm in Germany.

Stone Clock Natural Design

Natural Design Stone watch clock

Stone watch

Natural Design Stone watch clock

Stone watch

Stone Clock Experimental Natural Design

This is just an imaginative object. Consisting of black olives, clockwise as a spent matchstick, a rusted metal ring and several stones.