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Bone sculpture. Natural design.

Bone sculpture. Natural design. Art work

Bone sculpture.

Bone sculpture.

Horse sculpture with stone and bone.

Bird Skeleton. A fine choreography of decay.

Bird skeleton. Skeletal system. Hollow bones. Skull. Rotted bird corpse. Aim of the Study.

Bird skeleton.

‏ Bird Skeleton. A fine choreography of decay.

Found this rotten bird or what was left of him. The bird flew to the window and was injured fatally. Despite the unusually, unsightly image appears a fine choreography of decay.
Grazed the delicate bones of small embedded into the last remnants of his plumage color.
Maybe it is also the story of a lonely death. Irony of death. He was on the emergency exit of a department store for artistic.

Bones and Tooth Petrification Artefacts

Bones and Tooth Petrification Artefacts. Cattle bones.

Bones and Tooth

Bones and Tooth Petrification Artefacts

From left to right: Fragment of a very old cattle bones. A fossilized tooth of an undefined animal. A petrified bones found in the riverbed of the Danube, near Ulm.

Natural design – Petrification

Fossils,  Natural Design, Petrification, Bones



Bones – Fossils. Found in a tributary of the Danube near Ulm in Germany.