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Gladiator can opener. Germany 1940s.

Vintage Design. Collectible Item. Made in Solingen Germany


Gladiator can opener. Germany 1930s. Antique Kirchen Tool.

This can opener was manufactured in Germany around 1930 and is identical in construction to the can opener of the brand Sieger who was part of the equipment of the German Wehrmacht.
The body is made ​​of metal, wherein the two halves, with a wooden central are connected together.

Sieger Can opener D.R.P Germany in 1920

 Antique Sieger Can opener D.R.P. Antique German Brand. WW2 Equipment, Deutsche Wehrmacht

Sieger D.R.P.

Sieger Can opener D.R.P Germany in 1920

At this point, another model of a can opener of the german brand “Sieger” (Winner).
As you can see in the picture, this object has strong traces of. Originally it was painted black. The lack of color can, however, the design and operation stand out clearly. In this model, it is the original model of the “winner”. The curvature of the spine moving, still has no bottle opener but is only aimed at opening cans. It is characterized by D.R.P. (Deutsches Reich Patent). The small opening at the top is missing in order to lubricate the moving part of this. Instead, it has an opening on the handle, which will serve the same purpose, but not as a target species is placed in the later models. The handle itself is made ​​of two metal plates, is mounted in the middle of a wood panel. Difficult to see on this picture.
It does not take much imagination to visualize what story this tool carries with it. As part of the basic equipment of the soldiers of the German Wehrmacht in the 2nd World War II, one can start from a moving background. Just as it is here, it can be considered already as a contemporary historical object. The Sieger can opener is in my humble collection of everyday objects and there is a place of honor.
In later posts I’ll try the different models of the “Sieger can opener” who are now scattered in various posts.

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Sieger Can Opener D.R.P.. Germany 1920

Antique Sieger Can Opener. D.R.P. German Brand. Made in Solingen, Germany, 1920

Sieger Can Opener

Sieger Can Opener D.R.P.. Germany 1920

August Reutershan GmbH. & Co. KG. Solingen, Germany, established in Solingen in 1864. The company produce the Cork screw “Cork screw furnished with a bell-shaped housing” Patent Number 4658678 and “Cork screw having a bell-shaped housing” Patent Number 4570512, kitchen tools, penknife blades, Pocket Knifes, and in 1913 the SIEGER can opener. SIEGER Can Opener belongs to the official basic equipment of the German Wehrmacht during the World War 2.

Zangen Sieger Can opener.

Collectible Tin, Lid opener. Modern can opener design from Solingen. Made in Germany.

Zangen Sieger

Zangen Sieger Can opener, Vintage Kitchen tool, Germany 1970s.

This can opener had been a key innovation, in contrast to the previously produced series of the Sieger Can opener. Instead of the leverage of previous Sieger is here first presented a rotating wheel. With the extended handles that function like a pair of pliers, hence its name, was the thorn, the can opener, punched through the lid of the can. Then by simply rotating the can could be opened. In addition, there was no need to place the can on a solid surface, because the two clamps holding the can at the same time. This tin opener was in consequence, many imitators.
Material: solid-colored plastic, nickel, stainless steel.

Details of Zangen Sieger can opener:

Zangen Sieger Dosenöffner

Dieser Dosenöffner stellte eine grundlegende Neuerung dar, im Gegensatz zu der bisher produzierten Modellreihe von “Sieger”. Anstelle der Hebelwirkung der bisherigen Sieger wird hier erstmal ein Drehrad vorgestellt. Mit den verlängerten Griffen, die wie eine Zange funktionieren, daher auch sein Name, wurde der Dorn, des Dosenöffners, durch den Deckel der Dose gestanzt. Danach konnte durch einfaches Drehen die Dose geöffnet werden. Zusätzlich war es nicht mehr nötig die Dose auf einem festen Untergrund zu platzieren, denn die zwei Zangen hielten auch zugleich die Dose. Dieser Dosenöffner fand in der Folge viele Nachahmer.

Can opener Sieger, Columbus, Eminent, Royal.

Vintage Can opener Sieger D.R.P. Antique German Brand Made in Solingen Germany. German Army WW2 Equipment, Deutsche Wehrmacht.

Can opener Sieger, Columbus, Eminent, Royal.

Can opener Sieger, Columbus, Eminent, Royal.

Small collection of Can opener from different manufacturers.
Some are original Sieger, used by the german army during the world war 2. The others are Columbus, Eminent and Royal can opener. All made in Germany in the years from 1920 to 1990s. As you can see all the models shown in the form almost identical to the original model of the Sieger can opener.
The can opener on the left pictured the original Sieger from around 1920s. He is without a bottle opener. The handle in one piece. The bottle opener on the far right, Sieger, is added to the handle. The second from the right does not have a bottle opener feature and looks like the original model.

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