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Old Farmers tool. Handmade Broom.

Ancient craft. Bohemian Forest Germany. Old Farmers tool. Handmade Broom.

Handmade Broom.

Old Farmers tool. Handmade Broom from the Bohemian Forest. Germany.

In the winter months, the farmers had time to cultivate or produce tools. In this picture, a broom can be seen. For this thin twigs of birch were used. The wires can be seen here are recent. Original thick birch twigs were used. The technology of production is unchanged over the centuries. These brooms were used to clean the yard of the farm or stables. Not seen in the picture is the long handle of the hazel wood was inserted on top of the tied end.

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Renaissance travel suitcase from Flanders

Renaissance travel suitcase. Middle ages furniture design. Ancient Flanders craftsmanship.

Travel suitcase 1475

Renaissance travel suitcase from Flanders.

Medieval craftsmanship from the late Middle Ages. A travel suitcase from Flanders in the Renaissance period in the 15th century. The case has extremely artfully, hand forged fittings and ornaments. The piece of furniture is on display in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Cooking knives, Solingen Germany

Antique Cooking knives, Solingen Germany.

Cooking knives, Solingen Germany.

Antique Cooking knives, Solingen Germany.

Bunch of beautiful old types cooking knives.
The figure shows different forms of cooking knives from different eras of the 20th century.
The left blade is from the 1970s. Labeled with “Frauenlob”. The second knife from the left belongs to the 1960’s. The third from left was forged in the 1950s. This fourth from left, is a butcher knife from the 1940s. The knife first from right belongs to the beginning of 1900 or before and is hand-forged.