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Memphis Toucan Lamp

Memphis design. Toucan Lamp. Designer Ettore Sottsass

Memphis Toucan Lamp

Memphis Toucan Lamp.

It is questionable whether this table lamp in the form of a toucan one of the founders of the Memphis design movement may be assigned. It trades at auction as Memphis style. I suspect that this is it merely a stylistic classification. Despite an original object.
 Memphis Design was founded in 1981 by Ettore Sottsass during a meeting with young other designers. In the background played a song by Bob Dylan, “Stuck Inside of Mobile” (With the Memphis Blues Again). Memphis is also the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis and the Tennessee Rock’n’Roll à la Elvis Presley. This combination of the sublime with the trivial reflected this new design direction again.
Michele De Lucchi and Ettore Sottsass had the political right to make design accessible to the mass of consumers. In contrast to high-tech design, they postulated that anti-design. The designed objects, furniture, utensils were in shape and color in strong bonds of Pop Art. 1988 disbanded the group.

Cutlery Design by Ettore Sottsass, 1987

Memphis Design Italy, Ettore Sottsass Table ware
Memphis Design Italy, Ettore Sottsass Table ware. classic design

Cutlery “Nuovo Milano” 1987

Cutlery design by Ettore Sottsass with Alberto Gozzi

“Nuovo Milano” 1987. Produced by Alessi.
Compasso d`Oro Award

Tukan Memphis Design lamp.

Memphis Design, Ettore Sottsass, Table Lamp, Memphis Movement

Tukan lamp

Tukan Memphis Design lamp.

The beautiful Tukan table lamp produced in germany. Design probably by Ettore Sottsass. It is not certain that this lamp was developed by Ettora Sottsas. In several auctions it appears under his name and will sell high-priced. However, in the designer’s ouvre this lamp is not listed. Probably it is because of their playful designs associated with the design group memphis. It was offered in the main, as table lamp for the nursery.