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View on Lake Chiemsee, 1900.

Postcard Bavaria. Bavarian Alps. Herreninsel Chiemsee

Herreninsel Chiemsee mit Kampenwand c. 1900

View on Lake Chiemsee c. 1900.

Old colored postcard, view to the famous Herreninsel (Men’s island) on Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria 1900.
The postcard shows the mapping of the island on Lake Chiemsee. In the foreground a boat with rowers a big load of hay ride to the island. In the background the impressive panorama of the Bavarian Alps.

China Manschuria 1941

Manchuria also Manjurei Lake. Chinese Landscape. Old Postcard. 滿洲 / 满洲, Pinyin Mănzhōu

China Manchuria Lake 1941

China Manschuria 1941

Postcards from Manchuria to 1940. Shown are architecture of palaces, landscapes and people.