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Farmers cleaver. Manufactured in 19th century.

Hand-forged cleaver. Old farmers tool, blacksmith Art. Ancient craftsmanship

Old farmers cleaver

Antique Farmers cleaver. Bohemian Forest, Manufactured about 1850.

Another tool i have found at the old bavarian farm. This cleaver was used to beat the big beets into small pieces. This was then used as animal feed for the winter. The handle of the tool is not seen here. It is 2.50 meters long. The blade is 35 cm in diameter and weights 400 gr. This could be cleaved with great force. Marked with guarantor R 320.

Altes Bauern Werkzeug. Schmiedekunst um 1850. Gekennzeichnet mit Garant R 320.

Handgeschmiedetes Beil von einem Bauernhof aus dem Böhmerwald, Deutschland. Dieses Beil wurde benutzt um die großen Futterrüben in kleine Stücke zu schlagen. Dieses wurde dann als Tierfutter für den Winter verwendet. Der Stiel des Werkzeuges ist hier nicht zu sehen. Er ist 2,50 Meter lang. Dadurch konnte mit großer Wucht gespalten werden. Die Klinge is Im Durchmesser 35 cm lang. Ca. 400 gr. schwer

Cookie Cutters, Molds

Christmas Cookie Cutters, molds Rabbit, Fisch, Moon. Springerle, Shortbread Mold. Baking supplies.

Different Christmas cookie cutters, molds.

Old German Christmas Cookie Cutters, Molds.

Rabbit, Fisch, Moon.

Christmas Cookie Cutters Mold Fish. Springerle, Shortbread Mold. Baking supplies.

Cookie Cutter Fish

Christmas Cookie Cutters Mold Fish. Springerle, Shortbread Mold. Baking supplies.

Christmas Cookie Cutter Moon

Easter Lamb Cookie Cutters . Springerle, Shortbread Mold. Baking supplies.

Easter Lamb

Coat hook. German Industrial design, Bauhaus 1920`s.

German Industrial design, Bauhaus Weimar, Walter Gropius, Furniture lifestyle

Coat hook 1920

Coat hook. German Industrial design, Bauhaus 1920`s.


Percival Duffin’s Salt tin box, England 1960s

England Percival Duffin's Salt Collectibles, Collectables, Salt & Pepper Pots tin box, Advertising and Merchandis. Graphics design, Typography template

Percival Duffin’s Salt

Percival Duffin’s Salt tin box.

Salt tin box. Manufacturers, Percival Duffin’s Salt. Vintage enameled sheet metal in the colors yellow, black and red. 1960s England graphics design and typography. Decorative Kitchen Collectibles.

Antique tin box from Austria. Hemostatic Stryphnon cotton.

Collectible Antique tin box, Austria. Hemostatic Stryphnon cotton 1900. Antik Dose. Blutstillende Stryphnon Watte

Antique tin box

Antique tin box from Austria in 1900. Hemostatic Stryphnon cotton.

Bauhaus design door handle. Germany 1910.

German Bauhaus Design Dessau, Weimar

Brass Door Handle

Brass door handle. Design by Bauhaus Weimar in 1910s. Early German industrial design.


Berlin Compilation. Things will be sorted.

Beverage can, drug utensil

Beverage can

Drug injection, used heroin syringe, Berlin, Neuköln

Used Syringe

Berlin Graffiti, Tag, Graphics Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Tag – Pappelallee

Surprise bag Berlin

Surprise bag from James

Berlin Compilation: Things will be sorted

Beverage can to heat substances of natural intoxication. Found on a playground in Neukölln. In addition to next item. An injection needle for transferring the physical substance above intoxication in the forearm or under the tongue – no idea. Free reproduction of a tag, found in the Pappelallee in Prenzlauer Berg. Finally, a goodie bag, surprise bag with the old sock of James, a painter from Canada. Sometime within an artist exchange program, he freaked out and climbed at the end of the gutter from the third floor of his apartment in Vienna street. Then he went into the nearby Görlitzer Park and digged a hamburger out of the ground and ate it up. Days previously he had bury him like a dog. Then we were day and night with him. In the end, his mother brought him back to Canada. We took him to the airport Tegel. I never saw him again. He was a wonderful person and friend!