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Mountain Stone – Memorial Souvenirs

Vintage Mountain Stone - Memorial Souvenir from Via Appia, Rome, Italy. Collectible.

Souvenir from Via Appia, Rome, Italy

Mountain Stone – Memorial Souvenirs from different places in Europe.

Found at fleamarket near munich bavaria.

  • Fribourg Germany, Schau ins Land Oktober 1983, The “Schauinsland”(Look into the country) in the Black Forest is the home mountain of Fribourg and a popular tourist destination, he formerly was called “Erzkasten”(ore case), because of the silver mining industry.
  • Via Appia, Rome, 18. May.1983, Italy
  • Luneburg Heath (Lüneburger Heide), 1982, Germany, The Lüneburg Heath is a large, mostly flat undulating heaths, sandy heathlandand woodland in the north-east of Lower Saxony in the catchment areas of the cities Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover.
  • Assisi, Italy 19. March of 1983.

Poland Obituaries. Newspaper 1994. An angel named Teresa Puk.

Poland Obituaries. Newspaper 1994. Teresa Puk. Flea Market at S-Bahn Neukölln Berlin.

Poland Obituaries 1994

Poland Obituaries 1994. Olgierda Jarosza. Romana Wilhelmiego. Flea Market at S-Bahn Neukölln Berlin.

Poland Obituaries 1994

Poland Obituaries. Newspaper 1994.

Found at a flea market around 1996 in Berlin. The obituaries are glued to small square timber. All first a mystery. These objects were somewhere around at the flea market. They belonged to no one and I took it. Obscure. An angel named Teresa Puk.
When you consider that the Neukölln district of Berlin has been flooded in the mid-90s of Polish people who sold their goods at this flea Market at S-Bahn Neukölln, parking deck of the Plaza department store, then maybe that was a part of a package or historical grit, memory chip of the old non-digital time.

Berlin Compilation. Things will be sorted.

Beverage can, drug utensil

Beverage can

Drug injection, used heroin syringe, Berlin, Neuköln

Used Syringe

Berlin Graffiti, Tag, Graphics Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Tag – Pappelallee

Surprise bag Berlin

Surprise bag from James

Berlin Compilation: Things will be sorted

Beverage can to heat substances of natural intoxication. Found on a playground in Neukölln. In addition to next item. An injection needle for transferring the physical substance above intoxication in the forearm or under the tongue – no idea. Free reproduction of a tag, found in the Pappelallee in Prenzlauer Berg. Finally, a goodie bag, surprise bag with the old sock of James, a painter from Canada. Sometime within an artist exchange program, he freaked out and climbed at the end of the gutter from the third floor of his apartment in Vienna street. Then he went into the nearby Görlitzer Park and digged a hamburger out of the ground and ate it up. Days previously he had bury him like a dog. Then we were day and night with him. In the end, his mother brought him back to Canada. We took him to the airport Tegel. I never saw him again. He was a wonderful person and friend!

Garden spot in Berlin Neukölln – Ruin

allotment garden, Schrebergarten, garden spot in Berlin Neukölln

Garden spot

allotment garden, Schrebergarten, garden spot in Berlin Neukölln

Garden spot

Garden spot in Berlin Neukölln, 2012 (Ruin)

There is a huge garden spot areal in berlin neukölln close to treptow that will change completly this days. An old garden plot has to go for a new industrial area. It`s really incredible to see how they crash the beautiful old buildings and old allotment`s from the 1920s into nothing… a shame with an aesthetic note… hmmmmm? Berlin where are you going?????