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Cigarette box by Grathwohl Kartal, Munich.

Collectible Cigarette tin box Grathwohl Kartal. Art Nouveau, art-deco smoking girl tattoo, illustration template. Vintage graphic design Germany

Cigarette tin box Grathwohl Kartal

Cigarette box by Grathwohl Kartal, Munich 1910. Art Nouveau period.

Illustration of a smoking girl with an extraordinary hair fashion. The model includes Egyptian design elements, which at that time one of the main growing areas was for tobacco.
This rare collectible cigarette box is designed in Art Nouveau style.

Percival Duffin’s Salt tin box, England 1960s

England Percival Duffin's Salt Collectibles, Collectables, Salt & Pepper Pots tin box, Advertising and Merchandis. Graphics design, Typography template

Percival Duffin’s Salt

Percival Duffin’s Salt tin box.

Salt tin box. Manufacturers, Percival Duffin’s Salt. Vintage enameled sheet metal in the colors yellow, black and red. 1960s England graphics design and typography. Decorative Kitchen Collectibles.

Vintage German Senoussi Cigarettes Tin Box 1920s.

Collectible vintage Senoussi German Cigarettes tin box. Graphics design, decorative Illustration and Typography 1920s.

Senoussi German Cigarettes tin box

Vintage German Senoussi Cigarettes Tin Box 1920s.

Colorful, decorative illustration of Bedouin tribe and egyptian symbols, collectible Tobacciana.
This cigarette case from Senoussi shows Bedouins and is one of the most beautiful cigarettes tin boxes of this type. Original produced by the Erfurt cigarette manufacturer Philipp F. Reemtsma and Hermann F. Reemtsma in 1921. In the year 1923, the company moved to Hamburg. Marketing, Graphic Design, was developed under the leadership of Hans Domizlaff.


Antique tin box from Austria. Hemostatic Stryphnon cotton.

Collectible Antique tin box, Austria. Hemostatic Stryphnon cotton 1900. Antik Dose. Blutstillende Stryphnon Watte

Antique tin box

Antique tin box from Austria in 1900. Hemostatic Stryphnon cotton.