Collection of antique letters. Canada, San Marino, German Empire.

Letters from Canada and San Marino. Rare Stamps and Postmark. Collectible Philately

Letters from Canada and San Marino

Collection of antique letters.

  • The first letter was sent from Canada to Munich in 1946. He was examined by the American censors. The other letter was sent from San Marino to Munich. Very nice stamps.
  • Second figure shows a postcard from 1922, with a rare combination of German Empire stamps.
  • The third letter was sent from Romania in 1922, according to Bamberg in Germany. It was from a Mr. Josef Breitner, agency commission business Nagyvarad. Addressee was a company called Copper and Mohrewitz, sewing silk factory in Bamberg. Also very nice stamps from Romania.
  • In the fourth piece is a postcard with a beautiful, old German handwriting. Sent to Munich with two clean canceled stamps of Germania, the German empire.
  • The fifth object is a postcard, sent from Bolzano Italy to Munich Bavaria, with very fine old Italian stamps.
  • The sixth item is a postcard from Hungary, Magyar Király, sent in 1911 to Munich. With equally beautiful handwriting and Hungarian postage stamp.
  • Finally, the seventh document was sent from Italy to Munich with a combination of rare stamps.