India flower soap. Germany 1900.

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Indian flower soap box

India flower soap. Antique decorative packaging, Germany 1900.

Colorful soap packaging by Wolff and Son Karlsruhe.

A charming example of packaging in the past. The illustration shows a boy as a European distributor of the feathered inhabitants of an Indian shows his wares. In this case, the flowers soap. It is not clear whether the feathered natives to buy the soap or the dealer buys it. His fingers point to a gesture of the price.

What may also imply that the two can not communicate verbally. Overall it’s a late-colonial representation from a European perspective. It has the attributes to the people of India rather apply to the Native Americans. The feathers on the head and the skirt, also made of exotic, colorful feathers of exotic birds.
Inside the box is still the translucent wrapping paper, printed with floral ornaments.