Fidus. German painter. Art Nouveau era.

Fidus. The light worshiper. The light prayer. German Art Nouveau painting

The light worshiper. The light prayer

Fidus. Mother and Child. German Art Nouveau painting

Fidus. Mother and Child.

Fidus. Mother and Child. German Art Nouveau painting 1910.

Fidus (Faithful) (born Hugo Reinhold Karl Johann Höppener 1868 -1948) was a German painter, illustrator and important representative of the life reform. He devoted himself to life reformist ideas of vegetarianism, the light faith, of nudism and a nature-friendly lifestyle. The specific style of Art Nouveau of his paintings was henceforth with esoteric symbols – lotus flowers, egg shapes, crosses and sun sign – enriched.

Fidus. Angel of Light. German Art Nouveau painting

Angel of Light

Light Mother. Fidus. German Art Nouveau painting

Light Mother

The cyclic structure circle of life, the return of the man in the divine womb, the fusion of the sexes and the redemption of the light were recurrent motifs. A part of the estate of Fidus is in the archives of the German Youth Movement, which is part of the Hessian State Archives Marburg. Another part of the estate is kept in Fidus Archive of the Berlinische Galerie. An already-developed collection is located in the Academy of Arts in Berlin.