Fossil, Petrification, fossilization, Prematura, Istria

Fossil, Petrification from Prematura, Istria

Fossil, Petrification from Prematura, Istria.

Premantura is the southernmost town in Istria. It is located near the nature reserve Kamenjak and was already settled during the Bronze Age.
As fossilization is called the formation of fossils. These are complex processes that take place in geological time. In geology, permineralization occurs after burial, when the void spaces within a body (spaces filled with liquid or gas, when it is alive) are filled with mineral rich groundwater and these minerals precipitated by filling in the blanks. This process can occur only in very small spaces, in particular within the cell wall of a plant cell. The process in the formation of a fossil takes place in successive phases: death, decay: decay, putrefaction, mummification, coalification, embedding, degassing, diagenesis and metamorphism. Depending on the circumstances surrounding these phases can also take place repeatedly or reversed in order.