German Airship LZ 1 at Lake Constance, 1900.

German Airship Zeppelin LZ 1. Early Aviator. Collectible postcard.

Airship Zeppelin LZ 1

German Airship LZ 1 Zeppelin on his first trip at Lake Constance, 1900.

On 2 July 1900, the first ascent of the airship took place in Manzell Bay. The trip took only 18 minutes, then the winds broke for the balance weight and LZ 1 was forced to land on the water.

The prototype LZ 1 (LZ for “Airship Zeppelin”) was 128 m long, measured 11.65 m in diameter and was powered by two Daimler engines, each with 10.4 kW (14.2 hp). To balance (trim) of about 13 ton rig used is a between the front and rear gondola sliding 130 kg heavy weight. 11,300 cubic meters of hydrogen attended as carrier gas for buoyancy, but the payload was only about 300 kg.