German aviation pioneer, pilot Anton Baierlein with Otto biplane 1912.

German aviation pioneers. Pilot Anton Baierlein with Otto biplane. Collectible postcard

Anton Baierlein with Otto biplane

German aviation pioneer 1912.

Pilot Anton Baierlein (Chief pilot of the Otto-Aircraft Works) with Otto biplane on the airfield Johannistal Berlin.
In 1910 establishes the engineer Gustav Otto , son of Nikolaus August Otto , inventor of the four-stroke engine , together with Dr. Herbert Alberti the ” Aeroplanbau Otto – Alberti “. Otto had already bought three Blériot in 1909 and taken over the distribution in Germany and the representation of Aviatik aircraft factory in Alsace. In 1910 he acquired on a Aviatik – Farman biplane his pilot’s license. In the same year began with the production of a double-decker “Otto – Alberti “, a copy of the grid hull Farman biplane system. 1911 Alberti different from the company and it was renamed the ” flying machines -Werke Gustav Otto”. 1912 by Otto its lattice fuselage military biplane with four-wheel drive with a 100 hp engine from AGO , which had been developed in the Otto – works themselves. The abbreviation ” AGO ” stand here for ” Aero Engine Gustav Otto”. As in 1912 Johannistal the subsidiary Ago Flugzeugwerke was founded , was the abbreviation for ” aviator Gustav Otto”. The Otto-factories advanced the main supplier of the Bavarian Flying Corps and their biplane won in 1912 a number of notable competition successes.


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