Legitimus Collins & Co., Machete, U.S. Army

Second World War II. U. S. Army equipment, Legitimus Collins Machete

Legitimus Collins Machete

Legitimus Collins & Co Machete, US Army, World War II

Machete U.S.N. MK-1, manufactured by the company, Legitimus Collins & Co. in 1944 with 26 “blade. Second World War II. U. S. Army equipment. Illustrations with original leather scabbard. Marked with a hammer and crown.

The company Collins and Co.,  was originally a tool manufacturer in Hartford, Connecticut. In the American Civil War were made , among other things, officers swords. The company was known primarily by their high quality axes and hammers.

The company’s history and its various brands can be found here: The Davidson Museum (The Davistown Museum is a regional tool, art, and history museum with two physical locations in Maine and an extensive website), and Yesteryearstools, (YesteryearsTools is an Internet Magazine that concentrates on hand tools).