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Can opener by Wenco

Modern can opener by Wenco.

Wenco, a major supplier of household goods in Germany, sells under his own name this tin opener.
Is special is that the can opener of Wenco, which opens to-open tin not as usual, by means of a rod into the can lid, but the sides apart.
But how works this tin opener from Wenco? In one of the pictures, the instruction manual is listed by the manufacturer has shaped into a handle.
Many will need several attempts at the beginning, because the handling, requires a change to the usual openers. Has been engraved with a certain effort from the top down in the lid of the box, it is in this can opener to set with a minimum of pressure from the side of the can lid on. At the point where the can was riveted.
In this case no sharp edges or the can arise dented. With the slightly open handles, the can opener to the edge of the can is opened, then gently squeezed until a slight snap is felt. Now with the knob, the box would be opened easily.
Material: plastic, stainless steel
This type of tin opener, to my knowledge, is still in production.