Mollmobil. German car advertising 1910s.

Mollmobil. German Oldtimer. Car Advertising. 1910s.

Mollmobil-Mollwerke A.G.

Mollmobil. The cheapest car in the acquisition and operation.

The Mollwerke A.G. were at the german village called Oberlichtenau (closed to Chemnitz) based company, that primarily produced wooden barrels and oxygen.
Probably at 1919, after the First World War, they began with the construction of automobiles.
They were small, compact two-seater, where the people were behind the other. As a result, the cars were also cut very narrow in your outline. The self-supporting bodies were made of wood. The engines were probably purchased from Siemens & Halske . 1925 the factory had to file for bankruptcy, due to the impending global economic crisis.
Advertisement text:
The cheapest car in the acquisition and operation.
3 hp, 40 km per hour, 4 gears, brilliantly, first references. Moll works, sale Berlin Wall 76th Street Two seater cars Vans for 2 Kg payload Complete 1600 Mark.