Mountain Stone – Memorial Souvenirs

Vintage Mountain Stone - Memorial Souvenir from Via Appia, Rome, Italy. Collectible.

Souvenir from Via Appia, Rome, Italy

Mountain Stone – Memorial Souvenirs from different places in Europe.

Found at fleamarket near munich bavaria.

  • Fribourg Germany, Schau ins Land Oktober 1983, The “Schauinsland”(Look into the country) in the Black Forest is the home mountain of Fribourg and a popular tourist destination, he formerly was called “Erzkasten”(ore case), because of the silver mining industry.
  • Via Appia, Rome, 18. May.1983, Italy
  • Luneburg Heath (Lüneburger Heide), 1982, Germany, The Lüneburg Heath is a large, mostly flat undulating heaths, sandy heathlandand woodland in the north-east of Lower Saxony in the catchment areas of the cities Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover.
  • Assisi, Italy 19. March of 1983.