Egyptian Mummy cases. Ornaments and decoration.

 Ornaments and decoration from Egyptian Mummy cases.

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Plate VIII.


The whole of the Ornaments on this Plate are from Mummy cases in the British Museum and the Louvre, and, like those of the last Plate, are mostly composed of the Lotus-flower and single leaves of the same plant.
In No. 2, above the Lotus-leaves, is a white ornament on a black ground, very common in the tombs, suggested by the interwoven strands of a rope; and in No. 7 we have the chequered pattern, one of the earliest ornaments, evidently derived from the weaving together of different coloured strands.
In the lower part of No. 18 we have another very common ornament, derived from feathers.

Source: The grammar of ornament by Owen Jones, London 1910