Railway Post German Empire 1936. Central Railway Station Oberhausen.

Oberhausen central railway station with Swastika flag. German Architecture cubist design

Oberhausen central railway station

Railway Post. Back of Postcard with stamps German Empire, Calligraphy, Postmark and Handwriting. Collectible Train number 308.

Back of Postcard, Railway Post

Railway Post, German Empire. Central Railway Station Oberhausen. Postcard 1936.

The postcard shows the former railway station of Oberhausen in the Ruhr Germany, the country was still part of the Rhineland. The photograph was made after the seizure of the German Nazis. Of these, the swastika flag on the evidence, on one of the twin towers.
1930-1934 finally shown the station building in the style of classical modernism was built. The Oberhausen architect Schwingel and National Railroad High Council Karl Herrmann designed the building with a clear, calm cubist design.
The back of the postcard is described by hand and with a stamp bearing the image of the former German President Hindenburg, with postage prepaid. It was canceled with a postmark of the railroad with the train number 308 and the addition of Cologne-Hanover railway mail. It is therefore possible that the passenger was traveling from Cologne to Hanover. In short stop at the station of Oberhausen, he bought this card and continued his journey on the train.