Ancient Egyptian ornaments. Royal Head-dress. Pharaoh Mummy-case decoration. Sarcophagus decoration.

Plate V.

Ancient Egyptian decorations. Royal Head-dress, Insignia.


1. Fan made of Feathers, inserted into a wooden Stem in the form of a Lotus.
2. Feathers from the Head-dress of the Horses of the Royal Chariots.
3. Another variety, from Abu-Simbel.
4. Fans made of dried Leaves.
5. Ditto.
6. Fan.
7. Royal Head-dress.
8. Ditto.
9. Representation of a species of Lotus.
10. The true Lotus.
11. Insignia borne by certain Officers of the time of the Pharaohs.
12. Another variety.
13. 14, 15. Gold and enamelled Vases in the form of the Lotus.
16. A Rudder Oar decorated with the Lotus and the Eye, representing the Divinity.
17. Ditto, another variety.
18. 19. Boats made of Papyrus Plants bound together.

Source: The grammar of ornament by Owen Jones, London 1910

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