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German kitchen knives design

Antique kitchen knifes. D.M.R.G. Solingen. Germany. Collectible knives. Blacksmith company August Krumm & Sohn

Kitchen knifes

German kitchen knives design 19th century.

Three selected beautiful, antique kitchen knifes.
The left in the picture was produced by blacksmith Albert Meissner and son in Wuppertal. The knife has the number 51. The inscription is – Guaranteed Solingen. The knife handle is made ​​of black stained wood. The knife blade is attached with brass rivets.

The average kitchen knife in the picture is marked with a crown. Manufacturers was the knife and tool maker factory August Krumm & Sohn, Remscheid. The inscription reads, D.M.R.G. Solingen. D.R.G.M. is the abbreviation for “German Empire usage patterns, patent number” until 1944. The natural colored wood handle, with very nice brass rivets, combined with the knife blade.

The third knife in the picture is from the time of the German Biedermeier in the 1840s. A special feature is the red wood of the knife handle. Whether that is colored or natural wood color. The wooden handle has an unusual weight.

Antique cork screw about 1830. Design German Biedermeier period.

Vintage Corkscrew.  Antique Cork Screw, Tire-Bouchon. Collectible tool. Biedermeier period. Germany

Antique cork screw Biedermeier period

Antique corkscrew from the time of the German Biedermeier, about 1830.

The corkscrew is handled with four fingers. The upper part is made of cast iron. It was produced in the so-called Biedermeier period after the Napoleonic Wars. It is found frequently even at flea markets but is most often overlooked as a rarity.

Antique German Biedermeier Scissors.

Antique Biedermeier Scissors Germany. Historical Tool. Collectors Item. Lady`s accessoires.

Biedermeier Scissors

Antique German Biedermeier Scissors.

Scissors design from the German Biedermeier period. Finely worked silver, chased.
Historic tool, rare collector’s item.