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China Manschuria 1941

Manchuria also Manjurei Lake. Chinese Landscape. Old Postcard. 滿洲 / 满洲, Pinyin Mănzhōu

China Manchuria Lake 1941

China Manschuria 1941

Postcards from Manchuria to 1940. Shown are architecture of palaces, landscapes and people.

German Kiautschou Qingdao World War I Postcard

Ak World War I German Propaganda Kiautschou Qingdao Postcard.

World war I. A German Observation post outside Qingdao

German Kiautschou Qingdao World War I Postcard 1914

Published in Germany 1914. Colonial warrior thanks (Kolonialer Soldaten Dank) on Behalf of widows and Orphans of the Imperial German Forces. An Observation Post outside Tsingtau (Qingdao). Jiaozhou Bay was leased in 1898 from Imperial China to the German Empire area in the south of Shandong Peninsula on China’s east coast.