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Italy Vatican postal service 1920.

India Philately. Old Cover Chennai Postage. Stamps and postal history. Collectibles

India Philately. Chennai Postage

German Empire Philately. Italy Vatican postal service.

German Empire. Italy Vatican postal service.

Philately Old German states, Collectibles Bavaria postal history.

Philately Old German states, Bavaria postal history.

Philately Old German states, Bavaria postal history. Collectibles stamps

Bavaria postal history.

Italy Vatican postal service 1920 and other Philately.

  • The first letter was sent from Madras (Chennai) in India to Munich. He was stamped with a 9 paisa, India Postage stamp.
  • The second cover was sent in 1925 from Würzburg to Munich. This is the time of the Great Depression. This is illustrated by the print paper price increase 5 Pfennig, on one of the stamps. Overall a very nice combination of the German Empire stamps.
  • The third cover is a postcard sent from Rome in Italy to Munich in Bavaria around 1920. The postcard shows the space Navonna with the famous fountain by Bernini. The postcard was issued at the post office of the Vatican. What testifies to the stamp and the postmark of the Vatican.
  • The fourth letter is a wonderful combination of French stamps in 1920.
  • The fifth cover shows a rare combination of Bavarian stamps. For one thing, a stamp overprinted with people’s state of Bavaria on the other with Free State of Bavaria. People’s State of Bavaria was the short name in the reign of Eisner in Bavaria in the years 1918/19. ‘People’s state’ meant in the 19th Century, first a type of state, in which, in contrast to the authoritarian state “governance much from the people” and could therefore be regarded as a German synonym for “democracy”. The imprint “People’s State of Bavaria” covered on the stamps of the Bavarian post the portrait of the deposed King Ludwig III.
  • The sixth letter is also a postcard with a combination of interesting stamps, consisting of two stamps of the Kingdom of Bavaria. One is overprinted with the Free State of Bavaria. The other Bavarian stamp is overprinted with the German Reich.

Old Letter from la mairie d’ Octeville-sur-Mer 1931

Old letter France Normandy, 1931. Collectible stamps, handwriting, postmark. LA MAIRIE D'OCTEVILLE-SUR-MER.


Old Letter from la mairie d’ Octeville-sur-Mer 1931.

Old Letter Cover send from LA MAIRIE D’OCTEVILLE-SUR-MER, France Normandy to Leipzig, Germany, 1931. With handwriting, stamps and nice postmarks.

Paris, Boulevard des Italiens. Old Postcard 1926.

Paris, Boulevard des Italiens. Old Postcard. Topography, French Architecture

Paris, Boulevard des Italiens, 1926.

Back of Postcard. Template, Stamps, Handwriting, Philately, France. Postmark.

Back of Postcard

Paris, Boulevard des Italiens, Old Postcard, 1926.

Back of Postcard, Paris, Boulevard des Italiens with two nice postmarks, old stamp and handwriting. The postcard was sent to Zug in Switzerland

Airships by aviation pioneer Baptiste H. J.Giffard

French airship by Baptiste Henri Jacques Giffard. Early Aviator.

Airship by Baptiste H. J.Giffard

French airship by Baptiste Henri Jacques Giffard. Early Aviator.

Airship by Baptiste H. J.Giffard

Airships of the French engineer and aviation pioneer Baptiste Henri Jacques Giffard.

Baptiste Henri Jacques Giffard 1825-1882 was a French engineer and aviation pioneer who has made an outstanding contribution by the use of steam power as a drive for the aviation industry. He built along with two young engineers, a cigar-shaped airship with a length of 44 meters and a diameter of 12 meters, which took 2500 cubic meters of gas. Driven was the airship by a 45-kg, 3-hp steam engine. The ship lifted on 24 September 1852 for the first time from. The 27.5 km long flight from Paris to Trappes at a speed of eight kilometers per hour is the first manned motorized flight in history.


Vesoul, Chapelle de l’Hopital 1932

Vesoul, Chapelle de l'Hopital. Old Postcard from France. Collectible picture card

Vesoul, Chapelle de l’Hopital.

Back of Postcard with rare stamps from France, calligraphy, postmark and handwriting. Collectible.

Back of postcard

Vesoul, Chapelle de l’Hopital.

The postcard shows the altar of the Chapel Hospital 1932.
Sent to Zug in Switzerland. On the back, handwriting, old French stamps and postmarks.

Airship No.6 by Santos Dumont in the race to the Eiffel Tower

French Airship by aeronaut Santos Dumont Nr.6. Early Aviator. Collectible postcard.

Airship Nr.6

Airship No.6 by Santos Dumont in the race to the Eiffel Tower in Paris 1901.

With this Airship (zeppelin) aviator Santos Dumont won on October 19, 1901, by the German de la Meutre donated prize of 125,000 francs. He had to fly around while the Eiffel Tower and back within a certain time to the starting point (St.Cloud).

Alberto Santos Dumont 1873-1932 was a Brazilian aeronaut, engine aviation pioneer and inventor who helped to shape the beginning of powered flight, especially in his work country France. Santos Dumont built a total of 16 airships. He was one of the most popular aviator of his time.

  • Gasvolume: 630 m3
  • lenght: 33 meter
  • Speed: 25 km/h
  • Power: 12 PS (8,2kW) Petrolmaschine

Airship République French army 1908

Airship République French army. Collectible postcard. Early Aviators Zeppelin.

Airship République French army 1908

Airship République French army 1908.

The République was a French Army airship. She was a sister ship of the Patrie. It crashed on 25 September 1909 from Trevol. The cause was a broken propeller blades that pierced the shell.The République was completed in June 1908, flew for the first time June 24 and was handed over to the French army on 31 July of that year.

Length: 61 m
Volume: 3700 cubic meters
Drive: 70 hp Panhard Levassor
Maximum speed: 50 km / h