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Italy Vatican postal service 1920.

India Philately. Old Cover Chennai Postage. Stamps and postal history. Collectibles

India Philately. Chennai Postage

German Empire Philately. Italy Vatican postal service.

German Empire. Italy Vatican postal service.

Philately Old German states, Collectibles Bavaria postal history.

Philately Old German states, Bavaria postal history.

Philately Old German states, Bavaria postal history. Collectibles stamps

Bavaria postal history.

Italy Vatican postal service 1920 and other Philately.

  • The first letter was sent from Madras (Chennai) in India to Munich. He was stamped with a 9 paisa, India Postage stamp.
  • The second cover was sent in 1925 from Würzburg to Munich. This is the time of the Great Depression. This is illustrated by the print paper price increase 5 Pfennig, on one of the stamps. Overall a very nice combination of the German Empire stamps.
  • The third cover is a postcard sent from Rome in Italy to Munich in Bavaria around 1920. The postcard shows the space Navonna with the famous fountain by Bernini. The postcard was issued at the post office of the Vatican. What testifies to the stamp and the postmark of the Vatican.
  • The fourth letter is a wonderful combination of French stamps in 1920.
  • The fifth cover shows a rare combination of Bavarian stamps. For one thing, a stamp overprinted with people’s state of Bavaria on the other with Free State of Bavaria. People’s State of Bavaria was the short name in the reign of Eisner in Bavaria in the years 1918/19. ‘People’s state’ meant in the 19th Century, first a type of state, in which, in contrast to the authoritarian state “governance much from the people” and could therefore be regarded as a German synonym for “democracy”. The imprint “People’s State of Bavaria” covered on the stamps of the Bavarian post the portrait of the deposed King Ludwig III.
  • The sixth letter is also a postcard with a combination of interesting stamps, consisting of two stamps of the Kingdom of Bavaria. One is overprinted with the Free State of Bavaria. The other Bavarian stamp is overprinted with the German Reich.

Palermo capital of Sicily.

Palermo capital of Sicily. Panoramic view 1920. Old Postcard. Italian Architecture. Bay with Harbor.

Palermo capital of Sicily. Panoramic view 1920.

Sicily Back of Postcard. German handwriting. Template Calligraphy. OId Italian Stamps, Postmark.

Palermo Sicily Back of Postcard.

Palermo capital of Sicily.

Panoramic view 1920. Bay with Harbor.

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Vintage Temperata Pepper Mill Italy

Vintage Temperata Pepper Mill. Original Italian Design. Collectible Kitchen Tool.

Temperata Pepper Mill

Vintage Temperata Pepper Mill from Italy, 1950s Design.

 Made from olive wood with brass. Steel grinding.

Antique Oil lamps design – Ancient Roman Imperial

Antique ancient roman imperial oil lamps design

Roman oil lamps

Antique Oil lamps design

Oil lamps collection, mostly late Roman in various designs. Mainly decorated with beautiful geometric or figural motifs. Red or ocher clay.


Vintage Corkscrew Design, Italy 1960s.

Vintage Corkscrew Design.Collectible Item, Kitchentool. Italian Design

Vintage Corkscrew Design

Vintage Corkscrew Design, Italy 1960s. Handle made of Olive wood.

Balustrade wrought iron. Italy c.1650

Antique wrought iron balustrades and balcony craftsmen. Italy design

Balustrade, wrought iron 1650

Balustrade wrought iron. Italy c.1650

Said to be from Knowle House, Wiltshire. This may have been made for ecclesiastical use, perhaps to surround a tomb or to seal off a chapel. It probably comes from the Tyrol region in North Italy, near the border, since the flattened foliage and stylized bunches of grapes show the influence of Austrian and South German designs.

Credit: V&A Museum London

Cutlery Design by Ettore Sottsass, 1987

Memphis Design Italy, Ettore Sottsass Table ware
Memphis Design Italy, Ettore Sottsass Table ware. classic design

Cutlery “Nuovo Milano” 1987

Cutlery design by Ettore Sottsass with Alberto Gozzi

“Nuovo Milano” 1987. Produced by Alessi.
Compasso d`Oro Award