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Balancer light. Design Wilhelm Wagenfeld 1929.

Bauhaus Balancer light. Design Wilhelm Wagenfeld 1929. Industrial design

Balancer light. Design Wilhelm Wagenfeld.

Balancer light. Design Wilhelm Wagenfeld 1929.

Balancer light. Metal plated matt. Screen: “cellon” or “Opalite”. Design Wilhelm Wagenfeld. Metal workshop of the National Academy of Crafts and Architecture, Weimar. Published. The Form: Journal of creative work 1929.

Tukan Memphis Design lamp.

Memphis Design, Ettore Sottsass, Table Lamp, Memphis Movement

Tukan lamp

Tukan Memphis Design lamp.

The beautiful Tukan table lamp produced in germany. Design probably by Ettore Sottsass. It is not certain that this lamp was developed by Ettora Sottsas. In several auctions it appears under his name and will sell high-priced. However, in the designer’s ouvre this lamp is not listed. Probably it is because of their playful designs associated with the design group memphis. It was offered in the main, as table lamp for the nursery.