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Muldental railway bridge viaduct

Muldental railway bridge viaduct. Postcard. Topography. Germany Saxony

Muldental railway bridge

Muldental railway bridge viaduct

Göhrener famous railway bridge. Viaduct over the Mulde, Saxony Germany c. 1910.

Berühmte Göhrener Eisenbahnbrücke. Viadukt über das Muldental, Sachsen Deutschland, um 1910.

View on Lake Chiemsee, 1900.

Postcard Bavaria. Bavarian Alps. Herreninsel Chiemsee

Herreninsel Chiemsee mit Kampenwand c. 1900

View on Lake Chiemsee c. 1900.

Old colored postcard, view to the famous Herreninsel (Men’s island) on Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria 1900.
The postcard shows the mapping of the island on Lake Chiemsee. In the foreground a boat with rowers a big load of hay ride to the island. In the background the impressive panorama of the Bavarian Alps.

AK, Frauen Wörth Chiemsee 1900

Church Frauen Wörth Chiemsee. Postcard Bavaria. Bavarian Alps.

Frauen Wörth Chiemsee

Frauen Wörth at Chiemsee Bavaria 1900

Old colored picture postcard. Frauen Wörth is a Benedictine monastery on the island of Chiemsee in Bavaria. The monastery was founded 782 by Duke Tassilo III. of Bavaria.

Berlin City Palace, old castle 1900.

Berlin old castle. old postcard. Berlin architecture

Berlin old castle

Berlin City Palace, 1900. Antique German Postcard.

The postcard shows an illustration of the Berlin City Palace. Andreas Schlüter from 1699 built the castle into a major secular building of the Protestant Baroque.

Prien am Chiemsee with Bavarian Alps. Old postcard 1920s.

AK Prien am Chiemsee Germany. Old postcard 1920. Collectible

Prien am Chiemsee.

Prien am Chiemsee with Bavarian Alps. Old postcard 1920s.

In the background are the mountains of the Bavarian Alps. In the foreground, the village Prien with church and old architecture. Prien was in the middle of the 12th century (around 1158), established as an administrative center of the Counts of Falkenstein. Prien am Chiemsee was in the course of administrative reform in Bavaria in 1818 an independent political community. The health resort and spa resort is located directly on Lake Chiemsee. The name Prien derives from the Celtic name for the river Prien (Brigenna – “The coming out of the mountains”) from.

Erlangen Germany mountains church anniversary.

Erlangen Bergkirchweih. Postcard Erlangen mountains church anniversary

Erlangen mountains church anniversary

Erlangen Germany mountains church anniversary. Postcard 1910.

Greetings from the Mountain Village Festival cellars and the nearest restaurants, Royal Bavarian university town of Erlangen.
Restaurant bear garden. Catfish restaurant garden. Guesthouse windmill. Birkner’s restaurant basement.

Erlangen Bergkirchweih. Deutsche Antik Postkarte 1910.
Gruß von den Bergkirchweih Fest Kellern und den nächstgelegenen Restaurants, Königlich Bayern Universitätsstadt Erlangen.
Restaurant Bärengarten. Restaurant Wels Garten. Gasthof zur Windmühle. Restaurant Birkner`s Keller.

AK Wolfratshausen Bavaria Paradise Road 1920s

AK Wolfratshausen Bavaria. Old postcard

Wolfratshausen Bavaria Paradise Road

Wolfratshausen Bavaria Paradise Road 1920s.

Old town with church view. Wolfratshausen is a city in the Upper Bavarian district of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen. Wolfratshausen belongs to the region Bavarian Oberland and is located in the river valleys of Loisach and Isar. Wolfratshausen found its first mention as “Wolueradeshusun” in a charter of King Henry II of 30 June 1003 at the court of Regensburg in connection with the determination of a hunting zone.