Braun SK 4 Radio-Phone Combination.

Braun SK 4 Radio-Phone Combination. Germany Designer Dieter Rams, Hans Gugelot. German Industrial design

Braun SK 4 Radio-Phone Combination

Braun SK 4 Radio-Phone Combination 1956.

Design by Hans Gugelot and Dieter Rams. Braun SK 4/6 Radio-Phone Combination. Built by Braun AG, Frankfurt a.M. Germany, 1956.

The Braun SK 4 or “Phonosuper SK 4” is a radio-phonograph combination which was presented in 1956 by the company Braun. It consists of a tube radio and a record player in a sealed enclosure made ​​of metal and wood with acrylic glass cover. A special feature of the “Phono Supers SK 4” is the solid plexiglass cover, which was a novelty for products of consumer electronics at the time. Originally, Hans Gugelot and Dieter Rams provided a cover made ​​of sheet metal, but it turned out that this would rattle at higher volumes. Dieter Rams suggested as a solution to a cover made of acrylic glass in front, a material that had just appeared on the market. The clear cover had a formative for decades and brought the device, the colloquial name “Snow White’s Coffin”.

– I can´t stand any ´isms´- nationalism, functionalism. 
There is no functionalism, just functions.
Dieter Rams

German Braun Design, Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm, 1955, 1958, Artur Braun, Albrecht Schultz, Dieter Rams, Fritz Eichler, Otl Aicher, Wilhelm Wagenfeld, Hans Gugelot, Inge Aicher-Scholl, Herbert Hirche, HF 1, SK 4 Radio-Phone Combination.