German christmas advent calendar.

German advent calendar. German christmas advent calendar. Old advent calendar. Design 1960. Illustration of music making angels in front of a snow-covered town with brightly lit church. German Romantic Christmas with Christmas tree and festive gifts.

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Continuous calendar. Dutch souvenir.

Continuous calendar. Continuous calendar. Dutch souvenir. Beautifully illustrated calendar from the Netherlands. Illustrations of typical Dutch characteristics. Women in traditional costumes and windmills. By turning the wheel round, the date is set. On the body there are two ads for the month and day. Manufactured in 1960s.

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Vintage Matchbox EDEKA, Germany 1960s.

Germany vintage matchbox Germany vintage matchbox. EDEKA advertising 1960s. German Grafidesign from the 60s. Advertising on matchbox. Castle Königstein, German sparkling wine, only the Edeka merchant. Owner of the Edeka Group are co-operatives, in which independent retailers have joined forces. Regional companies are responsible for the wholesale business, supplying the independent traders such [...]

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