World War 2, German Police Manuscript 1940

Oskar Lange historical German Police Manuscript KPD. Collectible Memorabile

Police Manuscript WW2

German Police Manuscript World War 2, Oskar Lange, 1940.

Found at a flea market in Munich in the summer of 2011. It was discovered in the estate along with several other papers. The deceased owner was a professor at the University of Munich.

The header of the manuscript, internal memo is handwritten and is beyond my readability (Oskar Lange KPD, NSDAP perhaps Street name)

The text is: Where is Oskar Lange? Arrest is made? What is it. Please acknowledge. Or what should be?I wonder. What happened to the offender? Whether he has been arrested or not???????????? Is to strip.() L.I EINGEL. The state even if you??? Yes. I’ve read for the Schlingel. so. – Yes, the watch-men-do have their own abbreviation. Every man for himself, and because we can smell what should be the.

The man who wrote this was obviously an employee of a police headquarters in the time of the german Nazi regime. Maybe it has historical significance.