Paris, Boulevard des Italiens. Postcard 1926th.

Paris, Boulevard des Italiens, Postcard, Topography, French, Architecture

Paris, Boulevard des Italiens, 1926.

Paris, Boulevard des Italiens. Postcard 1926th.

The 390-metre-long boulevard of Italy is located in the 2nd and 9th arrondissement of Paris and is one of the 4 grands boulevards of the Rive Droite.

The boulevards Saint-Denis, Saint-Martin, du Temple, de Filles du Calvaire and Beaumarchais were first built in June 1670, followed in July 1676 by the boulevards Bonnes Nouvelles, Poissonière, Montmartre, Italy, Capucines and de la Madelaine.

According to the king’s decree of June 21st 1704 it was allowed to be converted into a road. His first name was rue Neuve-Saint-Augustin and he then changed his street name frequently.

The first renaming took place to Boulevard du Dépôt (around 1764), then Boulevard de la Chaussée d’ Antin and during the French Revolution boulevard Cerutti, Boulevard petit Coblence (after 1795) and Boulevard de Gant (1815-1828).

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In 1828 it received its present name from the former “Théâtre Italia de Paris”, founded in 1793, today’s Opéra-Comique, which is located in nearby Place Boieldieu. A royal decree of 16 April 1831 provided for the final road layout and a road width of 35 metres.

Back of Postcard, Paris, Boulevard des Italiens with two nice postmarks, old stamp and handwriting. The postcard was sent to Zug in Switzerland